African American Curly Bob Hairstyle

African American Curly Bob Hairstyle

African American Curly Bob Hairstyle

Picture of African American Curly Bob Hairstyle:

Curly bob haircut for black women: This is a great short black curly bob haircut for nature curly hair. This stylish bob haircut is from Taraji P. Henson .

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  1. Thomas A says:

    He has thick hair that easily dry. It’s short he just started growing it out in June of 2007. He’s african american and has kinky curly thick hair. He was thinking of getting it layered and getting a graduated bob cut because it’ll be easier to manage. His face is kind of diamond shaped. So do you think it’ll look right on his if not let me know some other hairstyles besides braids, twists and a fro.

  2. Patrick says:

    i have 2 things i would like to ask for (u can answer both or just one of them):

    1. can u find a picture of a girl with black hair (not african american) with thin highlights?

    2. and what kind of hairstyles look good on an asian with a roundish oval face.

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