Celebrity Curly Bob Hairstyles

Celebrity Curly Bob Hairstyles

Celebrity Alice Eve Curly Bob Hairstyle

Picture of Celebrity Curly Bob Hairstyles:

Casual Short Wavy Hairstyle;
Here is a short blonde curly bob haircut from Alice Eve. Sweet and simple is the main aim for this hairstyle. Only subtle layers are cut through the edges for a low-fuss look and feel.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Curly Bob Hairstyles”

  1. Patrick says:

    I’m looking for some simple hairstyles that I can do to give my hair a break from styles that require heat, my straightener..
    I can’t leave my hair down naturally because it’s curly and has to be styled to look decent. Any simple updos that I can do for a while so my hair can heal? With pics?
    I’ve done the wet look with curly hair in a ponytail and slicked back ponytail. I have a roundish face shape.

  2. Alina Elliott says:

    Im getting my hair cut next week just in time for school, and I wanna look great when I get back, so I was thinking to get a bob, since not many other girls have it, i’ll stand out. Plus it looks cute, so any examples of bobs would help, thanks.
    Nothing to short 😉
    Nothing too short 😉

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