Hairdos for Women Over Age 50

Hairdos for Women Over Age 50

Hairdos for Women Over Age 50

Picture of Hairdos for Women Over Age 50:

Susan Sarandon doesn’t stray very far from her signature reddish-brown curls, but her shoulder length look works well for the actress. She proves that if you find a look that fits —there’s nothing wrong with sticking to it!


  • Sahil

    It seems like every day many people on facebook upload photo’s of themselves, but the photo is no different then the one they posted last month ( same place, same hairdo, same pose) they keep putting photo’s of themselves up. One person had over 1000 pics of just a facial picture. Just curious on what others think of this, it seems almost like a trend to have a narcissistic attitude. Please post your opinion.

  • kiltakblog

    Not that i am looking but i find myself asking this question, the male seems to have vanished from this world.
    what happened to the man who wanted to protect and look after his family, we call it the old school man, Many men from 50 and over still have this trait, younger men seem to have lost it, i see pink tank tops and elaborate hairdos, tight skinny jeans and man bags. I feel sorry for the women of this day and age, does anyone else agree or is it just me? lol

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