Short Haircut for Women Over Age 50

Short Haircut for Women Over Age 50

Short Haircut for Women Over Age 50

Picture of Short Haircut for Women Over Age 50:

Jennifer Grey Short haircut for ladies

Besides making a comeback on Dancing with the Stars, Jennifer Grey keeps turning heads with her layered brunette tresses. With subtle highlights and soft ringlet curls this look keeps the starlet looking polished!

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

  • Jason M

    I have a receding hairline and thinning hair. What haircut should I get ? Middle-aged man. It’s up to you guys. I’ll do the best answer.

  • Matthew

    I’m nineteen years old, and I still get mistaken for FIFTEEN. I can’t stand it. I walk into places and I feel like everyone thinks I’m a child. Not to mention, my boyfriend is almost 20, and he looks a bit older, so it makes him look like a pedophile. It bothers me. What can you recommend? What should I do with my makeup, hair, fingernails, clothes?
    I always have done that with my eye shadow and I always wear eyeliner.

  • Dark_LovexXx

    My parents really hate my hair style now as they think i look a ‘nob’ in their words. My family are muslims and i don’t follow the religion anymore cause i have different opinions but that isn’t the case. Am growing my hair cause i hate the short boring styles to do anime hair styles but because am asian its doubly difficult as i have very very thick strong hair and they keep threatening to kick me out or cut all my hair off when am asleep. Obviously i have to go hairdressers every so often but i also get new highlights in my hair every 3-4 months which they hate even more! I love my style the way it is now because i feel as though it suits the personality i have because am a rocker/metal fan and a big anime fan so i like it but they absolutely hate it and its hurting my self esteem in the sense they make me feel self concious about my self. I think what they hate is the thickness of my hair and they say it looks all boofy when i straighten it so is there any advice to get thinner hair from thick without thinning my hair out cause i already get it thinned at hair dressers. Also i have black hair and usually get darkish brown highlights and next 2-3 weeks am getting dark red in so it makes them hate it even more! -.-
    I’d move out if i could but am 18 and not working, my plan is to have to take the annoying comments for the next 3 years whilst i go uni after college, find a job to pay enough for me to live on my own because i have soo many ideas in mind but am trying to play safe but obviously they hate it..

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