• John G

    I have recently lost a bit of volume in my hair. It was due to a very poor diet, which I got under control. My hair is now looking and feeling much much thicker. I loose an average now of 120-175 strands of hair over 3 days worth, as opposed to 200 a day. I did, however, cut my hair very short. It’s a pixie cut actually. It’s kind of starting to grow out, and it’s looking very thick like my hair use to be before the period of time with a poor diet. It’s now grown almost an inch in only 3 1/2 almost 4 weeks. I’m taking biotin pills, eating better, and using Nutri-Ox shampoo. It’s helped tremendously.
    When I cut it though, my regrowth was weird. There was more growth in the back and along the crown and occipital than there was around the pareital ridge, sides, and front of my head. Before the hair loss was happening, I had bleached my hair, then colored it cherry red, which has now faded to pink but is still red closer to the regrowth. So basically, I have my natural color (probably a level 3) on the entire back if my head and my regrowth, then half of my gead is the faded pink. People tell me it actually looks very cool, but after lookibg at pink hair for a couple months, I’d like to change the color again. I want to use a semi permanent level 2 or 1 on my entire head. I’m very pale, very skinny, and I have greenish-gray eyes. Last year when my hair was black, people loved it, others said I looked line a ghost. I judt cannot stand having like 3 different colors on my head anymore and the only color I ever really liked in my hair was the dark black. Is my hair in a good enough condition to color it black again using a semi-permanent color? It’s thickened up quite a bit, it’s extremely soft to the touch, and I only loose an average of around 30-50 strands a hair per day. Will coloring it damage it again? Can I use a hot oil treatment afterwords? If so, how long will I have to wait to do the treatment?
    I’m so sorry, but I honestly need some help with this…

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