Wavy Hairstyles for Women Over Age 50

Wavy Hairstyles for Women Over Age 50

Wavy Hairstyles for Women Over Age 50

Picture of Wavy Hairstyles for Women Over Age 50:

Medium wavy hair style for ladies.

Since her appearance on the classic TV show Charlie’s Angels, Jaclyn Smith’s feathered hair has become a timeless classic. The actress now opts for soft layered curls in a complementary honey-brown hue.

David Livingston/Getty Images

  • sethburger

    Would it be considered a perm? You know what I’m talking about. It’s like short, but poofy. Why do they all do it? Is it like they just wake up one day and natural instinct convinces them they’ve always wanted a Feminine Pompadour, or is a slow and gradual process? Do you think they belong to an underground club? What is going on???
    Hahaha. This mystery will never be solved!

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