Layered Red Ombre Hair – Hairstyles 2013

Hairstyles 2013 Layered Red Ombre Hair

Ashley Greene Red Ombre Hair

Picture of Layered Red Ombre Hair – Hairstyles 2013:

Ombre hair color trends: the red color. The ombre hair is popular in these years, if you looking for a great new ombre color, how about the red? Ashley Greene showed off ravishing burgundy locks with large barrel waves completed her look.

  • mmminja

    My hair is naturally wavy, textured and light brown/dirty blonde. I have blonde ombre in it.
    It’s medium long and there’s a bit of damage on the very ends. My hair’s medium-thick and down a bit past the bottom of my chest.
    I’m almost 15 by the way aha
    I have green/blue eyes and medium light neutral-warm acne-prone skin (so bangs would probably not be a good idea even though I have the world’s biggest forehead)

    I like my hair right now but I’m bored of it and I was wondering if you guys could suggest a hair color/style/etc that would be flattering?
    I don’t want to use heat on it on a daily basis if possible.
    My style is a bit grungey, a bit festival-y (I make and wear flowers crowns often) and a bit girly/vintage.
    Thanks so much :)

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