Selena Gomez Long Sleek Hairstyle With Layers

Selena Gomez Long Sleek Hairstyle With Layers

Selena Gomez Long Sleek Hairstyle With Layers

Picture of Selena Gomez Long Sleek Hairstyle With Layers:

Selena Gomez rocked long layers that were elegantly parted to one side. This is a great long straight hair style for girls who love sleek hair.

2 thoughts on “Selena Gomez Long Sleek Hairstyle With Layers”

  1. Mc L says:

    Im going to 10th grade soon and im just wondering was are some cool things to get before i hit the stores. Any ideas on handbags or totes? as well as accessories and hair styles. Thx 🙂

  2. Matthew S says:

    Hi. So I am 14 (you already got that). I am going to 10th grade after the summer break and I am a practical nerd/ straight A student. I have an oily wheat complexion and hair that has huge crimps and is dark black. I wear glasses and also braces (the total nerd package). My hair is oily and curly and ugly one day and the next day it is drier and straighter. I wash my hair almost everyday and put oil on it thrice and week and shampoo it consequently. My skin is slightly darker on the sides and I have discoloration spots at times. I know, I am ugly.
    My clothing style is a normal t-shirt and capris in neutral colors. I wear dress a little below the knee for occasions and sleeveless tops and a jacket on top when going for parties. I usually wear black converse or ballet flats or ordinary sandals. I wear small silver chains and bangles or bracelets. I don’t have a lot of clothes. I don’t wear make-up only eyeliner and lip gloss.
    I don’t call myself cute or flattering and I have never had a boyfriend. I want to be able to impress my class mates at school with a new look. All help is accepted. THANKS A MILLION!!!

    P.S- we have to wear a school uniform that is blue and white. I want to have a look like current Disney starlets Zendaya Coleman and Bella Thorne or Selena Gomez. If you have no idea who they are just visit the bottom link
    Bella Thorne- http://www.disneydreaming.com/bella-thorne-pictures/?pid=1224

    Zendaya- http://www.topnews.in/zendaya-coleman-you-again-los-angeles-premiere-arrivals-2280161

    here is a picture of me

    PPS- No harsh comments okay… I just want to be a pretty average 14 year old teenager!! <3 No rude comments!! I want to have a cute, fun, flirtacious style n look (hair, glasses- i am getting new ones (what frame should i get?), makeup) everything!!!
    my clothes are super normal… graphic tees and no cute stuff in anything like bows, plaid or anything… they are ugly normal t-shirts you can buy in walmart or abercrombie or something. I hope you get what I mean
    here's a picture of my type of tops.
    and they are not even cool clothes and I have two tops like these
    My mom is willing to buy me new clothes and my aunt is going to come soon to visit so she can also get pretty clothes. PLEASE INCLUDE PICTURES!!!!!!! (hairstyles, outfits, glasses and make-up options.
    I know I sound desperate- that's because I am!!!!! XOXO


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