2013 Prom Hair Ideas: The Beautiful Waterfall Braid

Here is an adorable braided hair style for long hair, if you are looking for a beautiful prom hair style, check out this style!

The cascade braid just lately exploded as the brand new “Waterfall Braid” of the season. The waterfall impact seems cool and sophisticated, however it’s simpler to model than you think.

Pretty prom hair styles with braid.

Beautiful Waterfall Braid Hairstyle for Prom
Cool Waterfall Braid Hairstyle for Prom

This waterfall braid hairstyle is perfect for girls with thin hair because it continually drops pieces of hair and picks more up so it never continually uses up hair. Do you love this adorable braided long hair?

Cascade Braid Tutorial: How to Style Waterfall Braid
Here is a video on how to apply this beautiful hair style

Here are more braided hair styles for you to choose from.

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    any 1 no some good hair styles or a website ?????????

  • Kaylla

    i am greek, im dark white, i have black hair, and facial hair. i wear my hair either short almost buzzed with a clean line up, or i grow my hair out to my shoulders where it is straight but kinda curls at da bottom, that i where wit a full beard. i am built and average height, not skinny or tall, so which hair style do u think women would be more attracted too? sorry i have no pics
    my parents are Greek, both actually from Greece. They moved to america wen my older sister was born. but yea, dis wat happens wen u grow up in cincinnati