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  1. Praveen says:

    I need to know the process to straighten natural (non relaxed or chemicals), african american hair with a blow dryer & NOT a flat iron. I need to know what products and tools that can be used to get the hair straight. I have tried looking for videos, but I didn’t have any luck. All the videos I find involve flat irons, which i DON’T want to use. If you happen to find a video, please post the link.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Ev dog says:

    Anyone have a regimen for type 4 hair ? I went natural back in May of last year and it doesn’t seem to be growing as much because I don’t what to do with my hair its so COARSE ! and another question when my hair is flatironed and I get it wet with NO product its gets VERY curly like a 4a maybe even a 3c hair type but only when my hair gets wet prior to being flatironed when usually its a 4b/4c ? It even keeps the pattern and becomes very soft when it dries after I put on Fructis anti frizz serum on so what is my hair texture?

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