Natural curly hair styles African Americans

natural curly hair styles african americans

natural curly hair styles African Americans

Picture of Natural curly hair styles African Americans:

2012 -2013 stylish short black natural curly hair style for African Americans.

2 thoughts on “Natural curly hair styles African Americans”

  1. Orbit says:

    I am for the last time, going natural again. Other than sew ins, what other styles would you recommend for growing out the relaxer other than just cutting it all out right now?

  2. The Beatles says:

    hi, i straighten my hair most of the time, but i want to try something new for my hair, it’s down to my shoulders and i wanted to know of some cute natural hair styles for summer, it’s down to my shoulders, a little past, and is natural, it doesn’t really curl all that well, and i do NOT want an afro, so don’t mention it to me please. anything 🙂 thanks.

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