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Short hairstyles with side bangs

short hairstyles with side bangs

Izabella Miko short hairstyles with side bangs

Picture of Short hairstyles with side bangs:

Here is a cute short curly hair style from Izabella Miko. A casual short curly hair style can be described as soft, natural, carefree, and pretty much self styling because it falls into place on its own. Izabella added volume to her short blond tresses with medium curls. She swept her bangs to one side to frame her heart shaped face.

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  1. isk8at818 says:

    i have short blond hair (an inch past my shoulders). i want to get side bangss that cover like half of my forehead, but not get too much of of my whole hair. can someone send me cute pictures of this type of hairstyle? or any other ideas?

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