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Wavy Hairstyles for mature women

Wavy Hairstyles for mature women

Kimberly Wyatt Wavy Hairstyles for mature women

Picture of Wavy Hairstyles for mature women:

Here is a layered short wavy hair style with side bangs from Kimberly Wyatt. Kimberley Wyatt rocked bouncy curls with subtle lilac highlights. She looked great with this wavy curly haircut.

Kimberly Kaye Wyatt is an American showgirl, singer-songwriter, dancer, model, actress and choreographer. She is best known as a former member of the American pop/R&B girl group and dance ensemble the Pussycat Dolls. This is a great hair style for thick hair, good for mature women.

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  1. Matthew S says:

    Its the new year and I would like to change my hairstyle.My hair is up to my waist and I wanna cut it up to my shoulders, Do you think its a good idea? My family says that they love my long hair but truthfully I hate it , it gets tangled so easily and its really thick and long and annoying!My friends say I should cut it.I don’t know what to do.Should I cut it?

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