Back View of Angled Piecey Bob Haircut – Wavy Bob Cut for 2014

Back View of Angled Piecey Bob Haircut - Wavy Bob Cut for 2014

Back View of Angled Piecey Bob Haircut – Wavy Bob Cut for 2014 /tumblr

Picture of Back View of Angled Piecey Bob Haircut – Wavy Bob Cut for 2014:

Here’s an amazing summer cut, that’s full of life and colour!

This blonde wavy bob is cut to a point below the chin and the hair is almost all the same length. Then, as an alternative to the beachy waves that everyone wears, this style has defined strands and spiky random twists for a fresh, new look. And underneath all that blonde glamour, the dark roots mean this style is totally edgy! I love this vut so much, how about you?

10 thoughts on “Back View of Angled Piecey Bob Haircut – Wavy Bob Cut for 2014”

  1. mike s says:

    when i was younger once a teacher told us,”as teenager we will see the world as more colorful.”can u tell me what does this mean?

  2. The Dark Knight says:

    I’ve decided i want to see full metal panic
    i like the moving pictures and colour of anime
    but i like the fact that manga doesn’t use as much downloads on my computer
    and its easier to Access
    but i want to know if there is anything that makes one version better than the other eg. one not having something fairly important happen
    (i mainly want to know if the anime is worth watching)

  3. Harry says:

    interesting to mention in a documentary about beautiful landscapes?

  4. white man says:

    i’m a 16 yr old girl and i’m going to college this incoming school year… i want to know what is the life in college and the do’s and don’ts when i get there…

  5. heavenly sword says:

    Define the meaning of color. (note: not the art)

  6. Kristian says:

    Will there be any color on the internet and can I watch videos on it?
    – also, how much memory does it hold? (Kindle 3G)

  7. Daniel says:

    From what you have lived so far, what would you conclude the point of life is?

    for me, i dont know, my life’s purpose seems to be probably just helping slightly shorter people then me reach for stuff…

  8. Dr Hank says:

    does it refer to a positive outlook on life?
    what does that mean?

  9. Jesse says:

    I need help!! i cant decide between a nook or a nook color

    can you till get all the feautres on a nook as a nook color ?(ex. lending of books or free reading while in BN & free intertnet)

    thanks in advance

  10. PIE BOY says:

    My perception of time now, in these days, seems very fast. It seems that everytime I wake up, nothing happened to me yesterday. Is it just i didn’t load myself to burdening things, doing chores or what. I feel like my life is very dull, I can’t easily do things I wanted. Honestly, I’ve jailed myself in our home 1 week now after classes ended. And I can feel the boredom in the house. Just watching TV playing the PC and etc. Do these things affect my daily living, always doing the same thing everyday??

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