Bob hair style for girls

Bob hair style for girls

Bob hair style for girls

Picture of Bob hair style for girls:

A cute short bob haircut with side swept bangs. This short bob hairstyle is perfect for medium to fine hair types and naturally straight hair.

8 thoughts on “Bob hair style for girls”

  1. Jairo says:

    im an australian 15 year old abd atm ive got long hair long at the back down to my shirt longish sides and a long fringe that goes accross my forehead, in these days you see hair like this everywhere but ive been told its not working for me and i dont think it is either. my parents think i should go with short hair but i want to have a good style and i dont want my forehead to have no hair because ive got lots of pimples there and my hair is covering it. thanks

  2. shahrukh says:

    The girl who cuts my hair told me that short hairstyles make your face look thinner…is this true? I have had my hair short and I really like it, it makes me look younger. My hair has also been long and I thought I looked older and not as pretty. if that makes sense. Is there any free websites I can upload my picture and try on different styles?

  3. arronwrath says:

    I just got my hair cut a few days ago into a bob! My hair is pretty thick and naturally wavy, but I haven’t tried letting it dry naturally yet to see what it would look like that way. So far I’ve just been styling it with my straightener, but I think she cut it a little too bluntly so it’s been difficult to make it look nice.

    My question is, with my hair being so thick and wavy, how can I style it? I own a straightener and a small barrel curling iron. Should I invest in a large barrel one?

    Also, what’s the best way to create beachy waves without using sea salt spray? It always makes my hair feel kind of icky.

    Thanks, everyone in advance!
    Oh, I forgot to say that it’s slightly longer than chin-length and I have side-swept bangs.

  4. Xedo says:

    i am 12 but i don’t know a hair style that will look cute. my mum wont let me dye my hair or get it get it cut into a side fringe i really need help because i need something different for school!!!

  5. floydian8717 says:

    Im not really sure if a shattered bob would look good on me.
    This is what I normally look like–





    I have really thin hair and a chubby face. =[
    If you dont think the bob wouls look good on me, will you please post pictures of a hairstyle that you think would look good on me (and make my face seem no so fat.)
    and what about bangs? would that look good?

    lol sorry about all the questions.

  6. toast says:

    I am a girl with a short/bob style haircut (yeah, my picture lies). My dad always says that guys like girls with long hair and find short hair unattractive. i am just curious if this is true, because so many of the Hollywood icons have hair like me (Katie Holmes, Cameron Diaz, etc.) So boys, what do you think?

  7. therundown2k3 says:

    I Really like the look of the bob but am not ready to loose that much length. The bob I’m talking about is like jenny mccarthy’s.

    Is there any styles that have the layers of a bob?

    If not then send me a hair style that you have always thought would be cool.

  8. The Dark Knight says:

    My sister and I want to get our hair cut, and we want to get a nice pretty style. Can you how us pictures of some hair styles? We both have oval faces, if that helps. I was thinking about bangs, but not too think, not baby bangs. I hve side bangs, but I want thin ones across my forehead. Any ideas?

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