Bob hairstyle for women over 40

bob hairstyle for women over 40

bob hairstyle for women over 40

Picture of Bob hairstyle for women over 40:

Cameron Diaz wore her pale tresses in a softly layered, wind-swept bob. This is a great short bob haircut which needs to be styled each day to achieve this sassy finish.

4 thoughts on “Bob hairstyle for women over 40”

  1. Joey 01 says:

    My mum has had the same hairstyle for about 20 years and it is really in need for an update style. Here hair is very short (above her ears) so something quite choppy and stylish, she is also in her 40’s so something quite mature. Please can someone find some pictures for me on the internet or any websites! Thank you.

  2. Keegan says:


  3. Taylor G says:

    I am a freshman in high school and everyone always has their hair done but i don’t have the time to do it everyday. So how can i do my hair easy and quick with little time needed. My hair is long and blonde but it can do just about anything.(My bus comes at 6:40 but i can probably do it at night too)

  4. SteveO says:

    I am too poor to get my hair cut so any hairstyles for women about 40 that has a square facial features? Thanks. I will be cutting it myself since I am good with scissors.

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