Classic bob hairstyle for women under 30

Classic bob hairstyle

Classic bob hairstyle for women under 30

Picture of Classic bob hairstyle for women under 30:

This is one of the most popular short bob haircut for women this season. This short bob cut is easy to maintain with regular trims and needs a little product for hold and shine.

5 thoughts on “Classic bob hairstyle for women under 30”

  1. Erfan says:

    I am 16 and i love curly hair. I use to have long hair that was very easy to curl. I cut my hair to a chin length bob and i love it!!! I would like to know a way to curl it or at least get it wavy tho. It gets a little boring to wear it straight every day. I am open to any ideas.
    I have short layers and side swept bangs…OHH btw my hair is really straight

  2. Kobe says:

    People make fun of my bob haircut (note it goes down to my shoulders just about) i wanna know of any ways to style it so that people won’t make fun of it. Please help

  3. andresumoza says:

    I have fine straight hair in a bob that ends just below my ears. I am looking for different ways to wear it on the days I don’t wash and blowdry. It is too short for a pony tail and I hate wearing it the same way all the time. HELP!”

  4. turg143 says:

    Would a bob haircut suit thin hair? Could you give links to pics?
    pic of a layered bob? what kinda face shapes would a bob match?

  5. Andres C says:

    Will it still look as good as black hair?

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