Curly bob hair style

Curly bob hair style

Curly bob hair style

Picture of Curly bob hair style:

If you have nature curly hair, that perfect, here is a stylish curly bob hairstyle for you.

4 thoughts on “Curly bob hair style”

  1. Caltel T says:

    I really want my hair cut into somthing other than the hairstyle I have now because I’ve had it for atleast 2 years and it’s getting really boring, but theres nothing much I can really do with it. I think a bob would suit my face but I’m afraid my hair will go into an afro type of thing, what do you think?

  2. Jeanelle the Retard says:

    Here is a picture of me

    I am wanting to get a haircut real soon. Do you think a bob cut would look good for me? And my face shape?
    If so, what kind of bob cuts are there? Pls and thanks:)
    Do you think I should keep it growing out long or to cut it and keep it into a bob? Thanks.

  3. Echo says:

    My hair is naturally quite curly/wavy and its shoulder-length. Without hair drying it everyday, it will ends up pointing in every direction. How can i fix it without having to blow drying it EVERYDAY? 🙁 and yes im lazyyyy. And moreover, with this type of hair, can i wear a bob hairstyle???? cuz i really like that, but afriad if cut it up it will points even more than my current hair =.=
    thanks alot 😡 😀

  4. kiltakblog says:

    i want an emo hair cut but the problem is; i have really wavey hair that take an hour to staghten on a good day so i need help send me pic or links plz
    i got up at 8;15 and get on the bus at 8;45 so i need something thats dosnt need alot of “fuss”

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