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Jaw length curly bob haircut

Jaw length curly bob haircut

Charlize Theron Curly bob haircut

Picture of Jaw length curly bob haircut:

This is a popular wavy curly bob hair style,a lot women love this sexy short cut very much, if you love it, why not pin it?

One thought on “Jaw length curly bob haircut”

  1. jdfan says:

    Yeaaah, my whole head/face is a little on the small side in proportion to my shoulders/body. So what length, style, etc. do you guys think would look best on someone with my problem?
    Thank you so much to anyone who answers.

    P.S I like long hair. And I like short hair (not TOO short, maybe chin length at the shortest). But I don’t really care for medium shoulders length (although that’s probably the best length for someone like me) cause I feel like its so BLAND or something. Anyways, thanks again.

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