Curly layered bob hairstyle

Curly layered bob hairstyle

Mena Suvari Curly layered bob hairstyle

Picture of Curly layered bob hairstyle:

Celebrity short curly bob hair style with layers.

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  1. Agent 47 says:

    ok, so school starts in 4 days.
    i have thick, curly, brown hair.
    i have side bangs but they have grown out LONG haha i noticed this today cause i usually wear them scrunched with them up in a poof and havent straightened it in a couple months.
    so i can keep them long (their to my chin when straight)
    im 15; going to be a sophomore.
    more layers?
    shorter bangs?

    heres my pic:


    (natural Curl, I usually wear it this way)


    Tell me if you like it straightened or scrunched better?
    and im growing it out, so not shorter.
    layers, bangs, highlights, color, etc…?

    Thanks Love(:
    Something else- if im wearing it curly.
    do you think it looks better with them up in a poof;
    Or straightened and to the side.
    Or scrunched and down to the side?

    And for all of you saying you like it straight, it takes like an hour to do that!
    curly takes like 10 minutes maybe.

  2. Keaton says:

    I have black-brown shoulder length layered curly hair… and I almost always wear it in an ugly bun or a ponytail… or I straighten the heck out of it… so I’m looking for a few ideas for cute hairdos.. preferably updos… I own just about every hair product there is
    Oh and I don’t like barrettes/scarves/any of that.. the most I’ll put in is bobby pins and hair elastics…
    And I’m looking for more of romantic-y look…nothing eclectic…

    Please include specific steps
    Please include specific steps
    And I don’t want to cut my hair

  3. Clayton Cottrell says:

    I’m running out of ways to do my hair. does anyone have a really cute way to wear it??

    my hair is long with side swept bangs and i straighten it all the time.( i don’t wear it curly) also if you could post a picture or a link to what the style looks like that would be great! thanks a million 🙂

  4. wwwavid360gamercom says:

    I have a 1/2 inch longer than jaw length bobbed hairstyle. It has layers and i wear it wavy. I have naturally wavy hair but i would like it curly. I thought about a perm…….
    I really like this hairstyle…..http://www.hairstylesdesign.com/blog/photos/additional/262_add_1248785120.jpg.
    Do you think a perm would allow me to have that style hair? I mean would it be like that or is there different kinds of perms. If you cant tell, i’m quite new to the whole perming issue hehe.
    Please can you help me and maybe give me some advice.
    Thank you

  5. Motordom says:

    I have very, very thick, loosely curly, unruly hair. I want a cut that makes sense with my “alternative-katy-perry-emo-type” style. I was thinking about getting a bob, but when I got one when I was little, it was an afro. I want something like this…


    will that work with my hair? how do I ask to have it cut? and how would I style it?

    also, any other suggestions as to a different type of cut are great. I just need it so I don’t have to straighten my hair daily!

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