• Keaton

    ok so im deciding to dye my hair like a dark purple plummy colour, but the thing is i dont know what type of fringe to have e.g side fringe, full fringe or what style.
    i have a heartshaped face, therefore my jawline is quite big :L and layers ( my top layer is quite short.) and my hair length is just about shoulder length – beyond.. any ideas on what type of fringe to have guys? pictures would help alot if you have any! <3

  • Kobe

    I have a heart shaped face and would like to grow my hair into a chin length bob that is stacked in the back. Does anyone have any websites that would show some hairstyles like this? Thanks,

  • Keegan

    So, I want to get a chin length haircut, but I don’t know how to style it!!

    I kind of want my hair like this…


    but I really don’t know how I could do that and how complicated it would be.

    If I just keep my hair straight, how do I get my hair to kind of curl under my chin?

    My hair used to be really long, but I cut it too my shoulders and now I want to cut it too my chin.
    How would I curl a bob cut? How should I just style it in general????

  • Thomas Lopez

    i love blondie and kate moss and the whole rock chick look and i’d like hair to match
    couple of pics of me



    no long styles just chin length please
    i’m on the left in the first pic btw

  • Gage

    i’m looking for a hairstyle like short(stacked) in the back and long in the front… helppp plz (:

  • Armas

    i’m looking for a hairstyle like short(stacked) in the back and long in the front… helppp plz (:

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