Paris Hilton Bob Hairstyles

Paris Hilton Bob Hairstyles

Paris Hilton Bob Hairstyles

Picture of Paris Hilton Bob Hairstyles:

Celebrity short blonde bob hair style from Paris Hilton, this short bob cut is one of the most popular short haircut on the internet.

4 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Bob Hairstyles”

  1. Matthew S says:

    I seriously need a haircut, I was rather unlucky the last time I went in for styles. So does anyone have any websites and pics of hairstyles? More perticularly, bobs that are longer in the front and shorter in the back and are razored. I won’t get too picky promise >.< and yes 10 point to the person who lists the mosts 😀

  2. Jose B says:

    i was plannin to cut another bob but i dont know wats it call. its long on the side n short on the back. and do you have to straighten your hair everyday for this hairstyle?

  3. Larry R says:

    I have short-ish hair.
    Like down to about my shoulders.
    Maybe just a little bit longer.
    But i need to get a haircut.
    not that i label, because i don’t, but i would like to get kind of a scene hairstyle. but hairstyles like that require long hair.
    so if you could post some cute, short hair pictures, that would be great (:

    Or like descriptions would work too! 😀


  4. Larry R says:

    I have light olive skin, brown hair, big brown eyes and a heart shaped face im pretty slender at the petite height of 5 foot 2inch. I want to get my hair cut a shorter length right now it just passes my shoulders, I just wanted different people’s views and ideas, I have despatched a picture of paris hilton’s bob haircut, feel free to comment or expand to different ideas. Also any new hair colour ideas. Thanks.




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