Drew Barrymore latest short hairstyle

Drew Barrymore latest short hairstyle

Drew Barrymore latest short hairstyle

Picture of Drew Barrymore latest short hairstyle:

Stylish short bob hair style from celebrity Drew Barrymore. This great medium length bob hairstyle is easy to maintain with regular trims and needs only a little product to style. The length is cut into a solid line with minimum layers cut around the edges to create a little texture and shape. This is a great short cut for Oval, Oblong, Square, and Diamond face shapes.

3 thoughts on “Drew Barrymore latest short hairstyle”

  1. Keaton says:

    okay so i have a round face, like circle, and i want a new haircut but idk what to get… i have long like middle back.

    and suggestions would help.

  2. uberfailz says:

    Ok: here’s what I’ve done with my hair recently:

    Several weeks ago, I bleached a strip of my naturally black hair blonde in order to put in a bright blue chunk. I was very happy with it. When it started to fade, I used a color corrector (One n’ Only Colorfix) to get the last bits of blue out of it. After two applications, my hair faded back to a golden blonde. I washed out the color fix, dried my hair, and applied Manic Panic Pillarbox Red for 40 minutes. After washing it out, it was a bright, beautiful Pillarbox Red and I was once again quite happy! I dried my hair, and went about my day. When I came home several hours later (I finished up dying it at about 6pm, this was about 11pm), my red streak had faded to brown. This morning, it’s sort of coppery (but more brown than orange).

    The faded color blends in fairly well with my hair, so I’m not too bothered by it. I was going to let my hair rest for a few days and then try to get my bottle-Pillarbox red color back. What should I do next? Should I try to dye over the faded color to revive it? Or should I try color correction again? Or condition the bejesus out of it and then bleach it all out and start again from scratch?

  3. easton j says:

    16 and I’m getting my hair cut next week, what style could I get it? I usually get short layers with a side frige but wanting something different.. If it helps I have a round face, dark eyes quite pale.

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