Jessica Alba Short wavy curly bob hairstyle

Jessica Alba Short wavy curly bob hairstyle

Jessica Alba Short wavy curly bob hairstyle

Picture of Jessica Alba Short wavy curly bob hairstyle:

This is really a sexy short bob cut from Jessica Alba. I love the curls and bangs, a great short cut for holidays. I have asked 10s of my friends, and all most them do love this short cut!

3 thoughts on “Jessica Alba Short wavy curly bob hairstyle”

  1. Rishi says:

    I have very thick wavy blond hair with an oval face shape and a small forehead I always get layers. I am looking for a haircut that would be good for me.

    I am getting my hair done at 5:45. Right now it is 10:14.
    My hair right now is below my shoulder around the armpit
    I would like to get side swept bangs over my left side of forehead would that work?
    Thanks yallre~ I really like Kate Hudson’s hairstyles. Her hair is the same as mine. And I really like her blunt bangs wonder if that would work for me?

  2. mike s says:

    i asked a question last night asking what face shape i have and they all said i have an oval face….

    so now i need you guy’s help on what hairstyle i should get!

    here are the photos….

    me looking normal

    and here is me with my hair up looking like a alien
    (but you can see the shape of my face)


    and another alien one

    and an alien one but with me smiling


    AND FINALLY! one showing what we have to work with AKA the length of my hair


    I am looking for links to photos not descriptions of what i should get.


  3. Alun J says:

    I want to look for hairstyles that would look good with my face shape, and I’m not exactly sure what my face shape is…

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