Katharine McPhee Cute short bob hairstyle

Katharine McPhee Cute short bob hairstyle

Katharine McPhee Casual Short Straight Hairstyle

Picture of Katharine McPhee Cute short bob hairstyle:

Katharine’s hairstyle sat beautifully to contour her head shape. The back of her style is tapered into the neck with a combination of short to medium layers to add body to her over-all look. This is a great short haircut for Oval, Oblong, Square, and Diamond face shapes.

2 thoughts on “Katharine McPhee Cute short bob hairstyle”

  1. Tyler H says:

    My brother told me there is a Katharine Hepburn movie where she plays a blind woman. Anyone know what it’s called?

  2. Nick says:

    I’m a Katharine (yes with the a), but people call me Katt or Katie. I am thinking about updating my nickname as I know a lot of Katie’s and people get VERY confused. Please help!! Anything unusual and interesting is preferable 😉 Please suggest anything that pops into your head!


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