Layered bob hairstyle

Layered bob hairstyle

Side view of layered bob hairstyle

Picture of Layered bob hairstyle:

This is a great short layered bob haircut for thick hair.

5 thoughts on “Layered bob hairstyle”

  1. llb443 says:

    Hello I was just wondering if a short bob suit me? I was thinking of getting my hair dyed light brown with blonde highlights and face-framing layers. Do you think it would look good? I’m worried I don’t have the right face shape for a bob hairstyle.

    Maybe something similar to the picture below but not in the blonde colour lol

    celebrity layered bob hairstyle

    This is me

    Also I have a full fringe so should I get a wispy fringe or side fringe? x

    Please be honest, thank you 🙂
    my hair is shoulder length if that helps

  2. steve says:

    This is me:

    I have weird a shaped head with prominent cheek bones + jawline, would I suit a full fringed, a line bob? 🙂 like this…

    thankss 🙂

  3. Franklin Bluth says:

    Can anybody find me a pic of a nice layered hairstyle for short thin hair? 🙂 Help much appreciated!

  4. Sahil says:

    Im a teen a girl i have dark hair almost black. Im looking for hairstyle ideas because im getting it cut tomoorrow. Pic are great i kind of like the choppy layered look and i am considering highlights. any ideas would be greatly appreciated thanks.

  5. Scott Bull says:

    ok, i want to get a bob hairstyle. Right now, my hair sits just below my shoulders, and i don’t mind losing a couple of inches, so that the longest layers are about mid-neck. I want it to be quite choppy but still sleek at the same time. I’ve got a pathological fear of just saying what i want to my hairdressers, because last time i did that…well, let’s not go there. So, if anyone has any photos that they think looks like what i’m describing, I will love them forever. Just pop the link into your answer and have my eternal gratitude (and 10 points) – thank you!!

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