Rihanna asymetrical bob haircut

Rihanna asymetrical bob haircut

Rihanna asymetrical bob haircut

Picture of Rihanna asymetrical bob haircut:

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2 thoughts on “Rihanna asymetrical bob haircut”

  1. Wooooody says:

    I’m getting my haircut either today or tomorrow, and i want it cut like rihanna’s asymetrical bob that she had like in the video umbrella, but i can’t find any good pictures of it that would be worth taking to the hairstylist to get it cut like that, please help!! please post pics.

  2. crzyinluv says:

    Hey 😀
    Okay, so my face shape is oval. I think its more round than oval, but my mom said its oval. Whatever. I kinda want something that sorta stands out, and I was thinking almost like a scene hair style, just without all the insane colors, or a layered bob style. Gimme your thoughts and suggestions, and pictures of the hairstyle would be very much appreciated!
    The assymetrical bob sounds interesting… Hmm…
    I also dont want a style that’ll take me 2 hours to style and 85 different products that Im gonna need to use XD

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