Sexy layered bob hairstyle

Sexy layered bob hairstyle

Sexy layered bob hairstyle from Shakira

Picture of Sexy layered bob hairstyle:

Celebrity bob haircut with layers from Shakira. Shakira cut her long hair short and sports a classic bob hair style recently.

4 thoughts on “Sexy layered bob hairstyle”

  1. white man says:

    I am having my hair cut today. I have a roundish face and have been wearing a mid-length bob for many years. My hair is straight and neither thick or excessively thin. My eyes and lips are my best features. Any hairstylist that can suggest something different
    (but not really drastic)? Thanks.

  2. Cliffy N says:

    Hi, I’m a teen girl and I am soooo bored with my hair!! I need a funn haircut that I can style in many different ways. I already have emo-ish hair with short layers and side bangs but I need something totally new and unique. Any suggestions?

  3. ttocs says:

    My hair is so boring I want something sexy,and chic.Please help.Photo’s are greatly appreciated.Bangs,Bobs,Layers,anything!Except for punk/scene hair and pixie cuts.

  4. dubmecrazy3 says:

    my friends say i should get another hairstyle cuz i always just put down and my hair is dark brown and it is long to my shoulders

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