Short blunt white bob hairstyle

Short blunt white bob hairstyle

Short blunt white bob haircut for women

Picture of Short blunt white bob hairstyle:

Anna Faris short haircut: the blunt bob hair style.
Anna Faris arrived at the 2012 Academy Awards wearing her hair in a sleek, polished-looking page boy.

  • hank baseballs

    My Uniform Is

    Collared, Solid Baby Or Navy Blue, Solid Red, Solid White

    Pants Or Shorts, Denim, Khaki, Or Navi Blue

    My Shoes That I Have (That I Can Wear, Heels, Heeled Boots, or Open Toe Shoes Not Allowed… That Limits Me To This)

    Grey Vans
    White, Blue, And Neon Green Nike’s (White Base, Blue Logo, Green Lining,)
    White Lace Flats
    Charcoal Glittery Flats

    I Have Long, Dark, Dark Brown Wavy/Curly Hair, But I Have No Idea Whatsoever On How To Fix It, So I Usually Wear It In A Bun Or Pony, Need Help With That. I Have Long Side Swept Bangs That Go Down Past My Chin, I Cannot Have Blunt Bangs To Do My Short, Round Face, I Wear Black Glasses Also.

    I’m A Little Chubby, But Not Too Fat. I Can Wear Most Clothes xD

    So, Yeah. Thanks

    How My Hair Looks:

    Kind Of Like That, But Frizzy. :P But It’s Tame – able
    I hate skirts and dresses

  • Maggie

    Okay so I’m going to the Salon on Wednesday, but I cannot decide on a hairstyle. I have somewhat of an oval shaped face and my hair now is at my shoulders. I know that I want to grow it out but I am tired of having a midlength boring bob. I like the messyness of the “scene” hairstyles, but I dont really think thats me. Does anyone have any suggestions? Pictures would be awesome! I’m 21 if that helps at all.

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