Short hairstyle for women over 40

Short hairstyle for women over 40

Short bob hairstyle for women over 40

Picture of Short hairstyle for women over 40:

This is a very short bob hair style from Cameron Diaz, she wore her short ultra-blond bob casually tousled while attending the Chanel fashion show in Paris. This cute short bob haircut is great for Round, Oval, Heart, Diamond, and Triangular face shapes.

5 thoughts on “Short hairstyle for women over 40”

  1. Lia-lu-li says:

    I have long (just below shoulder length), thick, heavy mouse-y brown hair with a fringe and I am going to 1940’s dance events this year. I have never been able to keep curls for long or manage my heavy hair, but I would like to style my hair into a 1940’s style that should hold quite strongly during dancing for the events.
    Do you have suggestions as to how I can style it? Thank you.

  2. blarg blarg says:

    I currently have long, kind of wavy hair and want a hot new short cut. I’m tired of the long hair and am ready for a drastic change. I have an oval face, and I’m over 40. Thanks.

  3. Cliffy N says:

    My mum has had the same hairstyle for about 20 years and it is really in need for an update style. Here hair is very short (above her ears) so something quite choppy and stylish, she is also in her 40’s so something quite mature. Please can someone find some pictures for me on the internet or any websites! Thank you.

  4. Wooooody says:

    For a full-figured woman over 40, I need to find a short hairstyle. I’m wondering if a razor-cut, similar to Lisa Rina’s would work. If not, what would you suggest? I got my hair done in June of 2012, but the person who cut my hair (who was a only a student) really trashed my hair, so I’ve had to let it grow out, but it’s really beginning to look kind of “dumpy”, and too short to curl, but too long to look nice. I’m wondering if a razor cut that isn’t really short would look good? I’d like to have a style that will keep eyes toward my face and hair, not my size.

  5. blarg blarg says:

    Im 33 and I still wear my hair long. Actually, I have been wearing my hair long since High School. Do you think that now that Im slowley approaching 40, that I should consider a short hairstyle? Whats an appropriate haircut for a 33 year old?

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