Cute Short Bob Haircut for Women – Short Hairstyles for 2015

Cute Short Bob Haircut for Women - Short Hairstyles for 2015

Cute Short Bob Haircut for Women – Short Hairstyles for 2015

Picture of Cute Short Bob Haircut for Women – Short Hairstyles for 2015:

Latest short hair trends: smooth bob cut with side swept bangs

The classic bob hairstyle is never out of fashion, no matter when you want to get a new short bob cut, there is no worry about you’re out of fashion!

10 thoughts on “Cute Short Bob Haircut for Women – Short Hairstyles for 2015”

  1. Xbox360king says:

    How do i tell if i have the right face for it, or like if it would look good on me. Also, if you have any cute pictures of bob hair cuts that would be amazing! Thanks =]

  2. tefa_96 says:

    My hair is cut in sorta like a bob with a bang. Can anyone help me style my hair for school tomorrow. Also I don’t have many hair tools only flat irons. Could anyone please help find me a hairstyle that doesn’t take long and is verysimple to do with flat irons

  3. joevsyou says:

    Just today I went in to get my hair cut and I told the lady I had wanted it stacked in the back but not to short and a little longer in the front. Well the front looks good but in the back its not blending together if that makes sense. Its like I have pieces that just look off. She stacked it but it looks like I have un even lines in the back of my head lol. It doesnt look good in the back at all. Would anyone know how to fix this? Also, do girls with large foreheads look good with bangs? Im thinkin about getting some but before I do I would like some opinions. Thanks to all that can help.

    -Not so hot bob cut-

  4. Dana G says:

    Well, my friend just recently got her hair cut in a medium length bob (the ends at the front touch her shoulders, but it is angled going back up) and i am completely in love with the cut, i’m not usually one to copy anyone but this hairstyle is adorable. My question is, would my hair still be simple to style after it is cut into that bob with my hair being pretty curly and thick? Or would it take about an hour everyday to actually get it styled? Any suggestions? (my current hairstyle is to the middle of my back-curly-fairly thick)

  5. lcollier93sbcglobalnet says:

    I have always had super thick long hair. But I always pull it up. Recently I have considered a bob haircut and found one I really like. It’s a super big change from anything I have ever done. I was just wondering if bobs were good for thick hair and if any one could get them.

    This is me now:

    and this is what I want:


  6. Rkmc says:

    i have layered hair past my shoulders and a side fring ….my layers range from short to long but im considering a new haircut ….i have a round face(i think) and i really like selena gomez new bob cut …….but im afraid to get my hair done like hers in case it doesnt suit me ….does anyone have a pic of a longer version of her bob cut ???heres the pic >>> http://www.haircutshairstyles.com/selena_gomez_new_bob_hairstyle-276.shtml
    thanks =]
    my hair is thick btw

  7. Stevalicious says:

    I was thinking maybe a bob hair cut.
    Do you think it will suit me? 😀

    this is me now

    this is when i tied my hair up so it looks like a bob

  8. Rkmc says:

    hi ive got an appiontmaent at a hairderessers in 2 days and i want to have a whispy bob cut but i have really long gair and im scared that i will refret it can anyone give me any advice ?
    heres a picture http://star-depressed-blue.deviantart.com/art/me-81529305

  9. Kristian says:

    I need some sites to find a bob cut but I do not want to have to pay to become a member. Help!!!

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