Side parted bob hairstyle

Side parted bob hairstyle

Side parted bob hairstyle

Picture of Side parted bob hairstyle:

This is really a cute side parted short bob haircut. The hair at her nape area was cut at a short length and each side was cut to graduate to a longer length as it blends towards her front section. This is a great short bob haircut which needs to be styled each day to achieve this sassy finish.

  • arronwrath

    Where can I find picture of hairstyles that look good on people with heart shaped faces?
    Lisa Kate: would side bangs look right on someone who wears glasses?
    Would you consider this heart-shaped?

  • nick s

    I want to cut my hair short,(not pixie short) But i have a round face like Taylor Momsen, and i’m afraid a bad hairstyle will make my face look rounder. What type of hairstyle do you suggest?

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