Very short bob hairstyle

Very short bob hairstyle

Very short bob hairstyle for women

Picture of Very short bob hairstyle:

Classic Bob Hairstyles For Girls. If you want to try the bob haircut, don’t cut your hair too short, this lady sports a very short bob haircut, if your hair is shorter than her, you can try the pixie cut.

2 thoughts on “Very short bob hairstyle”

  1. TommyKay says:

    I have short dark brown hair with honey highlights
    And its cut shorter in the back and longer in the front
    The front goes down a little passed my shoulders
    I want something half way up and half way down
    I have THICK** hair
    I cant have it straight;
    But i wish i could
    Any ideas for a homecoming hair style?
    Btw homecoming is tomorrow night

  2. BRUTE says:

    thats the haircut that i have obviously

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