Inverted Bob Hairstyle

Victoria Beckham Inverted Bob Hairstyle

Victoria Beckham Inverted Bob Hairstyle

Picture of Inverted Bob Hairstyle:

Celebrity Inverted Bob Hairstyle from Victoria Beckham

4 thoughts on “Inverted Bob Hairstyle”

  1. Rassling Fundamentals says:

    Ok i want a new haircut. My hair only goes down to the top of my armpit. I want a scene/emo haircut(don’t mean to label) I like them haircuts alot thanks!!!!!!!!
    Can i get pictures please!

  2. Armas says:

    Rite now, my hair is almost shoulder length, bangs to the left,dyed black,
    with the bottom layer brite like candy apple red.
    and for school, i have to get a new cut, but im keeping the color.

    so i was thinking for black part of my hair an a-symmetrical bob, chin length…

    and red layer a reverse of that…so i guess a reverse a symmetrical bob? i dont know what to call that…

    would that look good for a 7th graderr???

    PS. sorry for the confusion
    to the third person…
    not pink or yellow because me and my friends all colored our hair in certain colors.

    and last summer i had pink streaks haha.

  3. tjpimpin says:

    Hey, i have a long face with a high forehead, can anyone give me some images of inverted bob hairstyles which may suit me??? please =)

  4. jdfan says:

    i have short hair, and i want to do something different with it? any ideas? [its so short, i cant tie it up, sorta like Victoria beckham’s]

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