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Perfect Casual Updo Hairstyle from Amber Heard

Perfect Casual Updo Hairstyle from Amber Heard

Amber Heard Bobby Pinned Updo Hairstyle for Women

Picture of Perfect Casual Updo Hairstyle from Amber Heard:

The most popular Bobby Pinned Updo Hairstyles for ladies: Amber Heard is always perfectly styled for the red carpet. She paired her black Honor dress with black studs, full lashes and a intricately pinned updo.

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  1. morbiusdog says:

    I’m not talking about their personality (because my question is not interested of discussing about that), but just about their physical appearance. Who is better?

    I personally think that Amber is gorgeous and that Vanessa by now is okay only with pounds and pounds of make up on her face and with an elegante dress. Seeing pictures of her walking on the street with no make up and with a shirt and jeans I noticed she’s quite ugly and looks like a 50 years old woman while Amber is beautiful even without make up. Vanessa looks pretty on magazines covers just because they do a big photoshop work on her to improve her physical appearance and to delete all her wrinkles.
    I know Vanessa is older than Amber but even when she was in her 20’s she didn’t look so beautiful. I mean, those teeth have always been horrible and then she has always been too thin, too bony and skeletical. Women must have shapes and she didn’t have any even in past, so Amber is definitely much more beautiful even if you compare them when also Vanessa had her age. Amber doesn’t need make up, she has beautiful teeth and beautiful shapes. Then I don’t think that Vanessa and Depp were perfect. I think he always cheated on her because he was unhappy with her.No matter what he was telling to magazines just to be politically correct, but I don’t think she was his soul mate. He never talked about her like she was that thing and netiher the love of his life. No, no way, don’t think he was madly in love with her. He never stated something like that. In interviews he just mentioned that she was a good mother and a strong woman who helped him to start a family and to
    to be balanced, but actually he wasn’t so balanced at all since he kept drinking while being with her, so it’s not true they were perfect together. if they were he would have stop to drink at the time and they would be still lasting.

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