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Kate Beckinsale Braided Bun

Kate Beckinsale Braided Bun

Kate Beckinsale Braided Bun

Picture of Kate Beckinsale Braided Bun:

Kate Beckinsale hairstyle: Braided Bun
Celebrity Kate Beckinsale attended the 14th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards wearing her hair in a romantic updo featuring a loose multi-braid bun. This updo hair style will suit most face shapes and is perfect for all occasions.

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  1. Gabriel Kenney says:

    Hi ppl tommorrow is my picture day and my hair is naturally curly ( I am not african I dont mean tht curly) kinda like this its not me
    Any ways i am 11 and tommorrow is picture day and i need hairstyles
    I dont want to straighten or curl my hair any more so ya plzzz dont say tht and my hair is black and middle lenght o and i have side bangs
    help plzzz thx!

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