Cute Braided Hair Style for Spring

Cute Braided Hair Style for Spring

Cute Braided Hair Style for Spring

Picture of Cute Braided Hair Style for Spring:

Pixie Lott showed off one of the trendiest hairstyles of the spring season. The pinned back braid is an easy way to jazz up your look.

3 thoughts on “Cute Braided Hair Style for Spring”

  1. Travoiz says:

    Alright I got my hair chopped off to my shoulders the other day and now I don’t know how to style it cute. Any ideas or suggestions?(:

  2. Keegan says:

    okay, i’m 14 and i’m into the boho type style but only MODERATELY.
    i like it but i think alot of the stuff is too just thrown together and idk just kinda weird. i like simple clothing not to wild. i really like the braided bangs and stuff they do and also like braided head bands(not hair actual headbands).

    see not like this:http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3260/3186724964_bcd5e002b5_o.jpg
    i don’t like things like those, more casual just resembling the style.

    sorry if i confused the heck out of all you people, but thanks for reading and will you please post links? (:

  3. SteveO says:

    I have naturally wild curly hair. A few months ago i got it permanently straightened and now it is starting to go back curly but its in that difficult stage where its neither straight nor curly. this can be very hard to style and it doesn’t look great. so yesterday i went to get it cut but the hairdresser did it shorter than i wanted and its now shoulder length, neither straight or curly hair. this looks awful, i hate it! so i straighted it with ghds and i now have short, brown, dead straight hair. now my problem is that it makes me look plain and boring, whereas before my hair had personality. i don’t want to wash it and go back natural because its not nice the way its been cut.

    I just want gorgeous, shiney, lovely hair that it also manageable and has personality and individuality. what can I do with my hair??
    I don’t want to get it permanently straightened again because i look plain and boring with dead straight hair.

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