Long Braided Hairstyle for Girls _ Simple Long Braided Hair Style

Simple Long Braided Hair Style from Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart Braided Hairstyle

Picture of Long Braided Hairstyle for Girls _ Simple Long Braided Hair Style:

This is a simple braid hair style for ladies, great for young girls, a perfect back to school hair style.

3 thoughts on “Long Braided Hairstyle for Girls _ Simple Long Braided Hair Style”

  1. Seth says:

    I have naturally long brown curly hair, and usually just wear my hair down curly ( I use Aussie Sprunch Spray & then I defuse my hair) I am so sick of doing the same thing. Any ideas for some simple hair styles I can do before work every morning? Thanks!

  2. alberto s says:

    Hi, I’m a girl in 8th grade and I need some new hairstyles, I always hair it down or in a headband. Do you know anything creative I can do with it so that I can have a new look for 8th grade instead of my usual? My hair is about 2 to 3 inches past my shoulder and is lightish-regular brown with natural dirty blonde highlights. Any ideas would be great, thanx in advance:D

  3. Xbox360king says:

    Here’s the thing. I’m 24 years old and I can’t style my hair beyond a simple ponytail.

    Curling only works for a few hours before my hair flops back to it’s perfectly straight and boring texture. And I think it damages my hair.

    My hairs are very, very fine. They do not hold in hair clips (not enough mass), and I have been using the Ouchless rubber bands for most of my life to keep it out of my face. Headbands work ok, but I don’t like the “little girl” look they give me.

    My hair is also so long that it comes down to my lower back just above my butt.

    I have tried cutting my hair to a much shorter, low-maintenance hairstyle, but my hair is so thin and flat that it just looks stupid! So I let it grow out because if nothing else, just wearing it long and naked looks ok for formal events and the like…but I’m so tired of it! 🙁 It has no volume and it kinks and tangles easily, especially in the winter.

    Braids look great but they are so complicated and hard to do that I can never get them looking just right. My arms get tired or they are just kinky and stupid looking.

    Is there anything I can do with my hair that is relatively easy and quick for school and work?

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