25 Awesome Ponytails for Summer

Perfect Ponytails

loxabeauty.com See how she did this here. Use a comb to fluff up the middle and back layers before pulling your hair into the ponytail. targetstyle.tumblr.com Get a little help from eyeshadow to fake thicker hair. cosmopolitan.com youtube.com Watch the tutorial here. Get some much needed ponytail height with a little butterfly hair clip. ellepottsie.com Or prop it up with two bobby pins. cosmopolitan.com A tiered ponytail is the most secure way to pull your hair back while exercising. buzzfeed.com It’s the perfect hairstyle if you have long bangs or wispy layers that always seem to escape...[Read more]

80 Best Short Hairstyles for 2015 – Short Haircuts for Women


Who doesn’t look forward to the start of a new year when we evaluate our fashion style and update to a trendy, face-flattering hairstyle? It’s an exciting time and part of the fun is choosing from the top 80 short hairstyles 2015! Dive in now to discover the gorgeous range of vibrant colours, highlighting trends and versatile short hairstyles that will put you center-stage and getting lots of positive attention in 2015! Katy Perry Short Haircut: Trendy Blue A line Bob Hairstyle Cool stylish a-line bob haircut for short hair. If you’re thinking of making a big colour change in 2015, you...[Read more]

Formal Hairdo: Twist & Pin Side Ponytail

Twist and Pin side ponytail with corsage

Twist and Pin Side Ponytail with Corsage   This contemporary retro style is perfect for creating a stir at any formal event! The front has a short, side parting from which the long side-swept fringe is lightly back-combed to add volume and then styled to brush the cheek in a softly curving profile.  The other side of the brow is bare for a trendy asymmetrical profile, with the hair brushed back lightly from the face and an ‘untidy’ blonde strand curving down casually past the chin. From this side, the hair is loosely smoothed back into a ponytail secured in a side-swept, off-centre...[Read more]

31 Layered Hairstyles: Several Reasons To Have This Fun, Trendy Style

Layered Auburn Red Hairstyle for Long Hair

Long hair, short hair… whatever you have, the layered hairstyle can give your hair a fun, trendy look. After all, it gives the hair volume and texture. However, layered locks are not for everybody. Kinds Of Styles For Layered Hair – Who Shouldn’t Get Layered Locks There are several hairstyles that use layers including bangs, bobs and teen dos. Some very trendy hairstyles use layers to give hair some individuality and flair. However, not all hairstyles can have layers such as very curly hair, as they tend to tighten and could interrupt the look. In fact, it could make a person have a...[Read more]

21 Cute Hairstyles for Girls

Triple-Braided Half Up Hairstyle for Girls

Most Popular Hair Styles for Girls The best cute hairstyles for girls are fairly simple and natural, allowing the focus to be on a smooth, young complexion. Whether the look is to be short of long, there are lots of trendy and fun looks that any girl would love to try! Being chosen as a bridesmaid or flower girl at a wedding, is the perfect opportunity for older girls to wear a casual updo decorated with fresh or silk flowers. It’s not a good idea to give younger girls a complicated updo, as they need to be comfortable and if there are bobby pins sticking into their scalp, they will pull...[Read more]

Cute & Easy Hairstyles for Your New Look – Hairstyles 2014

Wedding Hairstyle for Short Hair

Feeling bored with your hair? Or is it taking too much time to style every morning? What you need is a cute, new easy hairstyle to streamline or glamourize your image! As any hair fashion expert will tell you, the cut is everything. And all you may need to get control of your hair is a cute new cut that uses the individual texture and natural movement in your hair to produce a flattering style that just falls into place after washing! Neat new updo’s One of our favourite looks this season is the puffy ponytail; it takes about two minutes to do and stays looking trendy and fabulous all day....[Read more]

Summer Hair Ideas: 5 Simple Easy Hairstyles for This Summer

Beach Wavy Curly Hairstyle

Just because it’s summertime doesn’t mean you should slack when it comes to trendy hairstyles. In fact, the summer season is probably the most important time to stay cute and stylish. To make sure you are upbeat and following the latest trends, check out these awesome hairstyles that work wonders with long hair. 1. The Classic Up-Do: Bun A bun can be worn in so many ways, which is probably the reason why it is so popular throughout the entire year. And with the heat of the sun beating down on your delicate skin, rocking a bun is the perfect choice. A low bun is an excellent option...[Read more]

Hair Tutorial: How to Style The Mermaid Tail Braid Hairstyle

Mermain Tail Braid Hairstyle

In this video, you will learn how to do the latest popular braided hairstyle: mermaid tail braid. This Mermaid Tail Braid hairstyle is perfect for summer even though summer is no where near. LOL Oh well, I still love braids anytime of the year! ^_^ Hey, guys. In this video I’m going to show you how to do this super easy mermaid tail braid. At first glance, it does look like you need six hands to achieve this look. But believe me, the two you have would work just fine. So if you want to learn how to do it, then keep on watching. First off, brush your hair to detangle any knots. Gather your...[Read more]

Romantic Low Braided Bun Updo with Silk Flower

Back View of Low Braided Bun Updo - Back to School Hairstyles

Lovely Low Braided Bun Updo with Beautiful Wedding Hair Silk Flower This is really nice braided hair style which is great for school, and can be in low ponytail, or left in bun. Very simple, but effective for neat look and elegant look. Buns are perfect for warm weather when you want to keep your look to a minimal while still being stylish. Through the delicate look, and perfectly adapted to pile all hairstyles. Whether meadow braided hairstyles, elegant bridal updos or simply to open casual styling. Crossing the clip she is also perfectly suitable for soft accents in short...[Read more]

Shaggy Hair Style Tips for Women

Jennie Garth Messy Shaggy Hairstyle with Bangs

Shaggy Hairstyles come in many lengths and just as many looks. Here you will find some refreshing ideas for your Shaggy ‘Do, that you can get at home. Begin with freshly washed hair, which has been towel dried. Apply a good holding product, such as gel or mousse. Comb through to ends of hair to distribute product evenly. Put in a part if your style has one, and comb into desired style. Allow to dry naturally or under a hood dryer. The basic shaggy style is an easy one to do at home. Use a medium to large barrel curling iron to put two curls in the crown, once cool use your fingers to...[Read more]

8 Hottest Fishtail Braid Hairstyles for 2014

Cute Fishtail Braid with Pretty Little Perfect Bow

Embrace the party season with one of the hair’s quickest fix: the fishtail braid hair style.  We love the look of fishtail braids! This trend is incredibly easy to style, even on your own hair. It has been among the hottest hairstyle trends for the last few seasons and it could be seen on numerous fashion shows. We have posted a lot beautiful braided hair styles and fishtail braid in our previous posts, but today I’d like to show you 8 hottest fishtail braid in this year! Hottest Fishtail Braid Hairstyles for 2014: Hair Styles for Long Hair With the minimum amount of effort and...[Read more]

Latest Popular Hairstyles with Cool Bangs

Beautiful Blonde Hair with Blunt Bangs

In need of something different to do with your bangs but don’t want to grow them out just yet? We have the answers if you are tired of your bangs just sitting there! You can either camouflage them or make them the focal point-but they definitely will not be “tired”. No matter what the hairstyle is, you can make your bangs work to enhance it or if you prefer-you can hide them within the style. If you want them to be the focal point as in the first photo, above left-a little texturizing putty or pomade can go a long way. Just work it into your bangs and put them where you want them so...[Read more]

Homecoming Styles-Intermediate Skill Level

Homecoming Hairstyles for Women: Keira Knightley Braided Updo

The Homecoming and Prom styles here might be a bit on the tricky side, but they can be done at home- you might want to get a partner to help you with these. Begin with freshly washed hair, which has been towel dried-apply holding product, such as gel or mousse. Work product through to ends to distribute evenly. Allow to dry naturally or under a hood dryer. Begin with making a deep side part, over the outer corner of one eye. Make a two-three inch wide section parallel to your face, running from the side part you just made, to just in front of your ear. Pull rest of hair back and begin...[Read more]

2013 Summer Hairstyle Ideas for Women

Charlize Theron Retro Twist Hairstyle

As summer draws to a close, you may be looking for some fashionable changes for your locks. You have come to the right place, because we have looks here that you can get at home! Begin with freshly washed hair, which has been towel dried. Apply a good holding product, such as gel or mousse. Comb through to ends of hair to distribute product evenly. Put in a part if your style has one, and comb into desired style. Allow to dry naturally or under a hood dryer. This retro Up-do is stylish and as easy to do as it is cooling, on a hot late summer’s day. A side part or center part will work...[Read more]

Miley Cyrus New Hairstyle: Miley Cyrus Adorably Edgy New Pixie Cut

Miley Cyrus New Hairdo: Short Blonde Haircut

Oh no! Miley Cyrus get a new short haircut in August, 2012. Does cutting off your hair mean you’re crazy? Miley Cyrus is headed to primetime, y’all! The freshly shorn former Hanna Montana star, 19, will appear on CBS’ Two and a Half Men during its upcoming season, E! News reports. It seems the short cut is really popular these days, especially the pixie cut! It seems that Cyrus always wear long wavy/straight hair styles, now she cut her hair short! On Sunday, Miley Cyrus made headlines for a different reason; she debuted a spunky pixie cut on Twitter, and had to deal with...[Read more]

Beautiful Cascade/Waterfall Braid Hairstyles Gallery

Double Waterfall Braid Hair Styles - Elegant Cascade Braid for Women

The waterfall braid hairstyle is a very beautiful and elegant variation of a French Braid which is perfect for moms, teens, young ladies, and little girls! If you are looking for some great Waterfall Braid hairstyle pictures, here we have collected some cute cascade/waterfall braid Hairstyles for you. Cute Waterfall French Braid – Braided Hairstyles No-effort hair has never looked so cool, sexy and dressy. A cascade braid has a nonchalant flair, yet it is chic and elegant despite its rather messy aspect. The waterfall braid is indeed one of the most exciting and extravagant variations...[Read more]

The Most Popular Braided Hairstyles for Women

Beautiful Waterfall Braid Hairstyles 2013 - 2014

Stylish New Ways to Update Your Braid Do you simply love the charm that braids add to your look? There is no denying that braids never fail to make a woman look more meek and modest. Problem is, it could be tiring to do your braids the same way, every single day, right? Before your brain gets twisted as you try to braid your hair differently, here are some awesome and unique ways that you can try out. These braiding techniques will also give you a more up-to-date look. Waterfall Braid This looks like a half updo but with more intricacy. The waterfall braid is characterized by the lovely braid...[Read more]

How To Choose African American Wedding Hairstyles

2013 Beautiful African American Wedding Updo Hairstyles

Both men and women tend to be more conscious about their hairstyle when attending a wedding. Who wouldn’t be? It’s a formal event so proper grooming is utmost important. For African American men and women, there are timeless styles that never fail to impress. If you are struck by serious dilemma on how to style your hair, here are some basic guidelines from hairstylesweekly.com which will help you come up with the perfect choice: The Rule of Thumb One thing that you need to bear in mind when thinking of the right hairstyle for the wedding is to keep it clean, neat and elegant. Stay away...[Read more]

25 Ways to Style Beautiful Summer Hairstyles

hairstyles for summer

If you are looking for beautiful hair styles for summer, here it is. In this collection, you can find 25 ways to style your hair into a romantic look. Just take a little work, you can get the effortless, beautiful summer look. No matter you wear long hair, medium hair or even short hair, you can find great hairstyles for you. The braid is popular, then you can find a lot braided updos and gorgeous braided ponytails, also ombre hair you can find here. How to Style a cute Side Braid A tutorial for styling french side braid. Get the full tutorial here. Essentially, you are French braiding, but...[Read more]

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