• MexicanDude

    On a Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast, I heard Christopher Hitchins make, what sounded like to me, a brief reference to Diane Sawyer having had sex with Henry Kissinger. I hadn’t heard this before and can’t find any reference to it elsewhere. What’s the scoop? Diane Sawyer isn’t answering my letters ;)

    A sub-questions. What is the best catagory to submit this question to? Politics and Government > Civics Participation. That seems like the best match to me…

  • Mackenzie P

    “This is the ABC Evening News with Mrs. Mike Nichols”.

    tehabwa, Mike Nichols is arguably more famous than Diane Sawyer. If anything, it would help her career.

  • kerrin marz

    Trying to find the name of a young woman interviewed by Diane Sawyer years ago…no idea of her name, only know that she was the adopted daughter of a pastor and wife who subsequently abused her mentally, physically, and sexually, and made her a houseslave to themselves and their biological children while living in a HS gymnasium. Pretty crazy the details I recall. She had video footage of it which helped prosecute them. The parents are both currently incarcerated. If anyone out there remembers this interview and the womans name it would be a big help. Thanks

  • sakyue1993

    I don’t like either of them myself.

  • joevsyou

    and always has been a Conservative, and that’s one of the reasons Charlie Gibson left GMA, as he’s a Liberal. Also, that ever since Barbara Walters made her comment about Mel Gibson, she and Diane have been at odds.

    Your thoughts?

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