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Female Glamour Pompadour Hairstyle

Female Glamour Pompadour Hairstyle

Female Glamour Pompadour Hairstyle

Picture of Female Glamour Pompadour Hairstyle:

Female Pompadour Hairstyle. Looking like she just stepped out of a ’60s hair salon, Carrie Underwood went for ultimate glamour with a pompadour style up-do.

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  1. RxP DarkBox says:

    I’m a 17 year old male. I have a round face (but im not fat) and very thick hair which is a little curly especially on the sides. Growing it out is really a hassle. My hair is dry dry too.

    I I usually get buzz/crew cuts with clipper 5 on the top and clipper 1 on the sides.

    I’ve been trying to grow it out so I can style it like Adam Levine’s style. But as mentioned earlier its a hassle and very hard to style with my type of hair.

    So the question: should I stick with my short hair cut or should I ccontinue to grow it out and use a better product or try a different hairstyle?

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