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Finger waves hairstyle for wedding

Finger waves hairstyle for wedding

Finger waves hairstyle for wedding

Picture of Finger waves hairstyle for wedding:

Drew Barrymore short hairstyles:
Finger waves hairstyle is a classic short haircut for women, and this classic short haircut is great for almost any occasions, of course including the big day: the wedding.

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  1. stingerms says:

    I am going to my friend’s prom in about a month and I’m starting to look for ideas for my hair so I can practice and experiment with different styles. My hair is naturally straight and it is very silky and soft so I tend to have a hard time styling it since it barely holds any curl or shape. It has long layers and I have side “bangs” going to the right side of my face. They aren’t true bangs they are just shorter pieces at the front that help frame my face but since I part my hair on the side I have more hair on the right side of my part so I do have some shorter pieces on the left side too but they aren’t considered bangs. Anyway, my hair is past my shoulders but is not necessarily considered medium length. It comes just about to my underarms and like I said it has some longer layers. My shortest layer is just less than 1.5 inches above my underarm. I am not really sure whether I should leave my hair down or pin it up or even half and half. My face is slightly an oval but is not elongated or anything. It is symmetrical and my hairline is straight across instead of heart shaped. People say I look nice with my hair pulled back but I never know how to style it like that. I also get compliments when I add wave or curl to it but I don’t know if doing something as simple as that would look appropriate. My hair is is somewhat thin so if I am going to do something half up, half down I need to be careful that my ears don’t poke out because I don’t like that look. I am open to any suggestions and techniques. Adding volume is a good idea as well. If you kindly give me a suggestions I would appreciate steps or tips on how to do it as well since I am not a hair expert and have difficulty sometimes. Thanks for your help and time!

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