The Hair Knot Haircut – Top Hair Knot Hairstyle for Women

The Hair Knot Haircut - Top Hair Knot Hairstyle for Women

The Hair Knot Haircut – Top Hair Knot Hairstyle for Women

Picture of The Hair Knot Haircut – Top Hair Knot Hairstyle for Women:

Sara Groen highlighted her high cheek bones with a top knot.

3 thoughts on “The Hair Knot Haircut – Top Hair Knot Hairstyle for Women”

  1. whitesoxfan2347 says:

    Okay so my hair is long it goes down under my boob (lol sorry) if I’m not mistaken it’s about 14-16 inches. Well the problem is that my hair is very dry&brittle and damaged. And that’s because I’ve been using a straighter for a while. And I know I know cut down on straightening ect.. But thats what I’m doing now. So I wanted to know if y’all know about any hair remedies/ natural products ect. And heres a question okay so I wanted to cut my hair to where it’s be healthy and put in clip ik extensions because my hair is naturally frizzy and like wavy so it would look absolutely horrid short&natural (plus I have a bit of a round face and short hair really doesnt suit me which is my issue) so that’s why I wanted I put in extensions, would it look unnatural? Because I want my hair to look real, but assoon as my hair starts growing I plan on taking the extensions out just until it looks okay. So basically the questions are: how to make my hair healthy again (I’m already cutting down on heat) any products you recommend? A haircut is what I have in mind but then I’d have to put in extensions. So any human hair extensions you guys know of? And hair products and such thanks!
    sorry it was so long

  2. DuckieM10 says:

    So I have no clue on what to get for a haircut. All I know is that I don’t want anything short, and no bobs. I will take any suggestions. Also please provide pictures to help. Oh and I am dying my hair a deep red soon, like Emma Stone colour.

    Here is me:


  3. Squall Leonhart says:

    I’m not that bad looking but I want to know how to look really hot. I have a few pimples and I can’t seen to get rid of them. Please can you tell me EVERYTHING!! Hair, nails, skin, hairdos and haircuts please everything. Even if it is really long. Please though no make up. Also I’m not allowed to use any heat appliances because it damages your hair. PLEASE HELP!! Also ask any of your friends to answer as well. Please it’ll be a great help!!’

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