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Half Up Half Down Hairstyles with Side Swept Bangs for Wedding

Long Half Up Half Down Hairstyles with Side Swept Bangs for Wedding

Cheryl Cole Long Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Wedding

Picture of Half Up Half Down Hairstyles with Side Swept Bangs for Wedding:

Here is a romantic long hair style for wedding from Cheryl Cole, she highlighted her plunging neckline with a half up hairstyle complete with side swept bangs. This is a great sexy long hair style for any spacial occasion, just like prom and wedding, and this is one of the most popular hair style this year.

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  1. sam N says:

    I know that tons of people have already asked this question, but I was hoping to find some answers that are specifically suited to my hair!

    I am the maid of honor for the wedding of my brother and one of my best friends this May. I am trying to find some ideas for hairstyles. The bride is doing a sort-of low bun updo and I don’t want to have my hair be too similiar, yet I want it to blend with her hair, after all – she’s the shining star for the day! :o)

    My hair is a medium-dark brown that reaches about halfway down my back. I do have side swept bangs but they are fairly long and almost can be tucked behind the ear (and my hair grows quickly so probably will be able to reach behind the ear by the wedding). My hair is fine and lacks much volume but I do have a lot of hair (if that makes sense – in other words, when you gather it all up it makes a big ponytail, but the individual hairs are fine). My hair absolutely does not curl – it falls flat immediately. I cannot do a half-up style or leave it down because it will not look right with how straight my hair is.

    So basically I’m asking for suggestions of something that looks formal and sophisticated without looking like a prom style, keeping in mind that my hair is fairly long, stick-straight, and difficult to work with! Please help me out with any suggestions you have – pictures are absolutely best! I appreciate it!!
    I have already been to TheKnot but most of them seem to be bridal styles.

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