2013 African American Black Bob Hairstyle

2013 African American Black Bob Hairstyle

Trendy African American Black Bob Hairstyle

Picture of 2013 African American Black Bob Hairstyle:

Tiffany Hines Short haircut for women:
This is one of my favorite bob haircut. Tiffany wore an inverted bob haircut complete with subtle brown highlights, both the color and the bangs are looked great on her, if you don’t want to cut your hair too short, this medium – short bob hair style is great for you.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

2 thoughts on “2013 African American Black Bob Hairstyle”

  1. Scott W says:

    Here are a few photos of me:


    I have a kind of a oval round face.

  2. Andres C says:

    Well I live the Inverted Bob And i Have a dark brown hair color.. But the my mom think i should keep my long hair but see i have extentions and my hair is shoulder wise. I think i could look prettii with the inverted bob so can you help me out?

    Here are the Inverted Bobs


    Now here is me


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