Sleek Inverted Bob Hairstyle for Black Women

Sleek Inverted Bob Hairstyle for Black Women

Keri Hilson Sleek Inverted Bob Hairstyle

Picture of Sleek Inverted Bob Hairstyle for Black Women:

Keri Hilson Hairstyle: Inverted Bob
This is a very stylish medium length bob haircut, her bangs were left swept, to complete her amazing look, highlights were added as a stunning feature.

2 thoughts on “Sleek Inverted Bob Hairstyle for Black Women”

  1. shahrukh says:

    Okay here’s the story I have brown hair with soft blonde highlights. It’s very thick. I have dark brown eyes and dark brown eyebrows. I really want a bob haircut. So i am asking you should I get a Inverted Bob or a Angled Bob haircut? I would appreciate if you left a comment. Also give me some websites also if you have another decision.

  2. Jermaine J says:

    I just recently got an inverted bob (with layers), but I am having trouble styling it. The very bottom layer is about an inch long, and all it wants to do is stick out. Instead of curling under, it flips out and looks crazy. I straighten my hair everyday, but I can’t get to that bottom layer with the straightener. I have tried using a round brush but it makes it stick out too much. Any suggestions on what to do?

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