• Sriram R

    I think of getting my hair cut into a posh pob, like Victoria Beckham. I dance and play many sports. For ballet I would need my hair pulled back. So does anyone know if I could pull this hairdo back for dance classes?

    P.S. I have thick dark brown hair, and tan skin. I recently had my hair chemically striaghtened because I hated my curls. Now it is a wavy texture. I am willing to straighten my hair every morning to go with the new hair style.
    I could get this look, but add about 1-2 inches of hair longer than Victoria Beckham’s. Would that work?

  • EzioAuditore1459

    Should i go for the recent victoria beckham hairstyle or the old one but still the bob, 1st check out some pictures on my page
    and then decide

  • Larry R

    i’m pretty sure i have a oval face. i am looking for a short haircut that takes very very little maintenance and looks good under a chef’s hat…..don’t ask why. i am over weight and don’t wear much makeup. i am concerned that cutting my hair very short will cause balance issues.
    i like having my angled, long bangs right now, and straight (asian) style bangs don’t really work for me, i think.
    i’m pretty good with my straightener, but am sh** with a curling iron.

    can you help me? links with pictures would be good to show to my stylist

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