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    Ok so it started over the summer around August of last year (summer 2012).
    I can’t remember in which order these paranormal things happened but here it goes:
    - One day i woke up, sun is shining through the window and (for some reason) automatically turn around to look in my closet and see an asian girl with silky long black hair (like the girl from grudge or the ring ._.) she had a long white dress/robe, it was torn/ripped in some parts, pale white skin, chains/shackles (one on her arm and one on her leg, cant remember what exact order.) She was staring at me because I backed up, moved from side to side she still made eye contact with me.
    - My TV, Laptop,and PS3 turned on and off several times
    - Woke up in the middle of the night, felt someone watching me, turned on the TV, but later soon felt a hand touch my leg (I was the only one in the living room and everyone else was asleep)
    - Woke up (again) in the middle of the night, only the kitchen light was on (kitchen and living room connected so i could see about 3/4 of my face since there wasnt any light behind me) i was looking into the window at my reflection while drinking a glass of water when suddenly above me, from the shadows, (along with HEAVY BREATHING NOISES o_o) a pale white face that didnt look like a face popped up (sort of like 2 black holes for eyes and a black hole for a mouth, and a forming nose?)
    - Idk if this counts but she came into my nightmare…ill try to keep it short, first i was on the bed and she pointed her finger at me and spun me around, second, a cowboy came and did the same thing (wierd …) and last i felt someone carrying me in the dream thinking it was my mom but it was actually her carrying me (bridal style) in an endless blue plane….

    Now, I thought all these events stopped, but I was wrong:
    Over Spring Break:
    - I was half asleep in my room, alone, when i heard, clearly, as if a little 8 year old girl were right next to me, a “Heeeeyyyyyyy! S-” I guess she got cut off since i woke up and idk what she was trying to say that started with an S (my name starts with an A ._.). Also, I don’t have any little sisters o__o I repeat: I DO NOT HAVE ANY LITTLE SISTERS!!! >____> …We did have the window open but the window isnt directly infront of the door plus there wasnt any wind outside, if there was, it’d have to be some hurricane level type winds .__. Conclusion: Ghost did it cause my friend made fun of her

    Now for the last one, just last week:
    10 pm ,Thursday (May 2nd, 2013)
    I planned to go to bed at 11 but while I was on my laptop, I kept getting the nagging feeling someone was watching me. Now, all the lights are on in my house at this time. Dad is at work, mom in the living room, and my little bro in the other bedroom. I’m in my bedroom (also, since the first time I saw her, I’ve always slept with the lights on ._.). As I was saying, I turn off my laptop, put it under my bed, and get up to walk to the living room. I’m out my bedroom, to my right is the bathroom, a little over to the left from that is the door to go outside, and then theres a mini path that leads to the living room. I start to walk, but I suddenly feel my heart, drop. Out of my side view (phephiral vision i think it was) I see a freakishly tall figure.
    It’s the ghost from before. Except this time it mightve switched genders since the hair was long, the body taller,longer arms with thicker bones, and the part that scared me sh*tless the most was the fact that is had a huge gash/wound going from the left all the way to the right of the abdomen area,which was bleeding profusely >__> . It was towering over me like a giant and bleeding and scary and etc etc.
    I told my mom but she doesnt believe me. I cried for a couple of minutes because of how scared and helpless i felt. I’m only in the eighth grade for crying out loud :/…Only 14 yrsold
    I live in the Bronx in a small apartment. Idk how old this building is but it must be pretty old by the looks of it. Idk what to do. Can i get advice or guidelines? Can someone tell me exactly what this thing is? Is it a ghost? A shapeshifting demon? Idek know anymore… I’m just really scared so please help. T—–T
    I need serious advice on this, no trolling please u.u . Sorry for writing lots =o=

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