Jennifer Aniston The Rachel Hairstyle

Jennifer Aniston The Rachel Hairstyle

Jennifer Aniston The Rachel Hairstyle

Picture of Jennifer Aniston The Rachel Hairstyle:

If you search the keywords ‘The Rachel’, you will find the results – a style so coveted it spawned thousands of copycats the world over, making Jen the definitive hair icon of the ‘90s and the proud owner of arguably the most infamous and influential hairstyle of all time. Named after her much-loved character in Friends, the bouncy, angled and layered shag was created by LA hairstylist (and close friend) Chris McMillan after he urged Jen to grow out her fringe. This is really a fantastic hair style for thick hair!

  • Heath

    Anyone wanna send some pictures of Jennifer Aniston’s or Courteney Cox’s different hairstyles from friends? More like the later seasons.. (5-10ish). Different ways of putting it up, bangs? Much appriciated!

    (10 points to best answer! ooh lalaa! pictures will do it!)

  • Christopher J

    I have a round face n little chubby.
    I have a medium length hair which is soft, bit scanty n slightly copperish.
    Plz suggest me with good hair style which suits my face.
    Will the feather cut hair style suit me…

  • Cole

    heey so like most girls ive gotten really bored with the way i look. im tired of my hair my make up my clothes and everything. is there any hair colour or make up ideas that would look good on me? also any hair styles. Do you know any good websites to get cute clothes? also any tips for anything you think would be nice thanks:)also im 17 if that makes a difference for you. heres my facebook profile pic its most recent.

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