Long Layered Hair Styles for Women over 30s

Long Layered Hair Styles for Women over 30s

Long Layered Hair Styles for Women over 30s

Picture of Long Layered Hair Styles for Women over 30s:

A side view of the long blonde layered hair styles. Jennifer Love wearing her ultra-long mane in voluminous tousled waves at the red carpet.


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  1. Michael C says:

    I’m a woman and in my 30s. Basically I have two faces fused together – complete disjointed asymmetry. Not attractive. My left side of my face is really flat and small in dimension and my right side of my face is wider. I basically have no cheekbones and therefore kind of a chubby face. It’s like I was dropped on the left side of my face when I was a baby. I’m in my weight range, I’m not overweight.

    What do I do about a haircut? I have dark brown hair, it’s kind of thick, really straight and longer than my shoulders.

    When I meet people for the first time, they first look at me like I’m okay, then a few moments later they really look at me and think what the hell is wrong with her and I get that disapproving face because I’m so damned asymmetrical. I barely have any eyebrows. I have natural dark circles under my eyes that I have to constantly coverup. I hate my face.

    How do I camouflage my asymmetrical face, what kind of haircut do you recommend?
    should I get a perm or have layered locks? Would a perm hide the asymmetry? I can’t wear straight bangs across because it’s like a straight link and it brings out the asymmetry. thanks tho.

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